Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cryogenically Frozen Quail from 2009

I just finished signing up for my 2011 dove lease and I thought, "hey, I should grill the last of my dove!"  Well I dove into my freezer and dug up the last two unidentified ice bergs that I was confident contained last season's dove.  I placed them in a large pot of water and began the thawing process.  As the ice melted away, I was surprised to find five nice quail in my pot.  Huh, I think these are from 2009.  Wow they are old!  I hesitated for a moment, but I was committed to exert my God given right as an American to grill on the fourth of July weekend.  I began the process of preparing grilled bacon wrapped quail (see ingredients and directions below).  At the completion of the grilling process, I tentatively took my first bite and was pleasantly surprised with an awesome result!  WOW, these are super spicy, bacon wrapped quail and they taste like I shot them this afternoon!  God Bless America!

5 whole quail (or whatever you have)
5 pieces of bacon (maple is best)
1 bottle of Cajun seasoning
15 slices of jalapeno peppers (Olive Mountain)
5 toothpicks

Directions: After defrosting quail, soak them in saltwater for 1-2 hours then place them on a plate and sprinkle the cajun seasoning liberally.  Then place 3 jalapeno pepper slices on each breast and wrap each bird with a single slice of bacon (use a toothpick to keep the bacon in place once it is wrapped).  Pre-heat grill and place on a low indirect heat for 10 minutes (breast side down first) and then turn for another 10 minutes.   Remove and cool before eating.

They Taste Better Than They Look!

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