Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Don't He Write?

So it has been over 1 year since I have written anything on my blog and probably no one has noticed, but I like to think that a few people might have uttered the same words I like to quote from Dances With Wolves when the the fellow taking Kevin Costner (John Dunbar) to the frontier comes across a skeleton in the prairie with an indian arrow still in the rib cage.  The fellow says to Kevin, "I bet somebody back East is saying, why don't he write" and then he breaks into a hysterical laugh.

Well my Outdoor Adventures such as hunting, fishing, camping, and kayaking have been as dead as that skeleton in the movie.  I have not gone hunting or fishing since 2011!  Why you may ask?  Why don't he write?  Well I have moved to Budapest, Hungary for my job and haven't had much time to do anything since.  I am a manager here and it has consumed most of my free time and what time I do have left, I have been spending with my family.  We have done some traveling and we will have adventures, but not the kind I am used to writing about.  This isn't permanent, so I will be back to doing the things I love some day, but in the meanwhile, I will need to be more creative if I want to continue this blog.  I do enjoy blogging, so if you will tolerate the detour my life has taken, I will continue to write about my adventures.  Their won't be any fishing or hunting for a little while, but hopefully I can bring you some exotic stories just the same.