Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yes, But Can You Hit A Charging Bear?

So in my last post you saw that I decided to select a revolver as my chosen bear protection while traveling, hiking, and fishing in Alaska.  Again, I'm not out to harm a bear as I will be salmon fishing and this is only a last resort for self defense.  If you saw my last post and video, you probably noticed that I shot OK, but I really tore up my hand due to the recoil of the gun.  Well this time I was prepared.

I am armed with reinforced shooting gloves and better hearing protection.  I actually look like I know what I am doing at the range!  So after researching all week on the proper grip and aiming method for a large caliber handgun, I am ready to sight this thing in.

I start at the closest range of 10 yards and fire 3 shots.  I read that it is really important to completely focus your eyes on the front sight and let everything else go out of focus.  This sounds easy, but I naturally want to focus on the target instead.  Well, as you would expect, the experts are correct.  This really improved my shooting.  My first two rounds are nearly touching each other, but they are several inches to the right.  I adjust my rear sight to the left several clicks and presto!  I am hitting the bulls eye *(note the two shots in the bulls eye below)!  Now it is time to move a little further back.  The husband and wife that are shooting next to me are relieved I am moving.  The wife was not happy shooting next to the guy with the 44 Mag (just to loud!).

After the range is open for reposting targets, I move down to the 20 yard range.  I staple up my targets and go back to the line.  I focus on the front sight and try not to flinch as I anticipate the BOOM.  My first six are good!  It isn't Olympic level marksmanship, but I am satisfied for my current level of shooting (I hope to get better).  No further adjustment needed.  I got out my 22 pistol and plinked a little and shot the 44 Mag a little more, but I was getting hot and tired so I called it a day.

So I may have adequate bear protection by carrying my revolver, but the real question is, can I now hit a charging bear if needed?.  I really hope I don't get a chance to find out, but if I need to, I believe I can.  Instead, I hope my stories after the Alaska trip include only tales of big salmon and pictures of bears from a safe distance!


  1. looks like it shoots pretty good. take it deer hunting.

  2. That is a good, it is a great idea! I think I will take it deer hunting. I already planned on having it handy while bow hunting for any unlucky pigs that came by, but I you are right, it would be cool to try to bag a deer with the Ruger! Thanks!