Friday, June 24, 2011

Bears Like Alaska Salmon Too!

So I was spending the evening researching my Alaska fishing trip and I came across this news story in the ADN (Anchorage Daily News) about a section of woods near the Russian River that has been "temporarily" closed off because a momma bear (also know as a sow) and her two cubs have taken up residence in the area.  Hey, that is the area I'm going to fish and camp!

Bear, Cubs and Concerned Fisherman, Oh My!
Actually it is a common occurrence for bears to be in this area since there are so many spawning salmon returning to the area, but from what I have read a sow can be a little more dangerous as she may feel her cubs are threatened.  Federal officials have taken this step to try to avoid any fisherman/bear confrontations.  I have included a map of the area and as you can see the red area highlighted is where the bears are.  The "ferry" that is being pointed out is a ferry service that is provided to transport fisherman across the Kenai River so they can fish the Russian river confluence (the area where the Russian River and the Keanai River meet).  There is a parking lot at the ferry and there can be hundreds of folks coming through there at the peak of the Salmon runs.  I will be camping on the South side of the Keani River in the area marked as the Russian River Campground.

Here is a picture of the campsite.  You will notice that there is a nice picnic table, a fire pit, and a big brown metal looking container.  I was curious what this was, so I read the description and it is a "bear proof food container".  Huh, who knew you needed one of those?

Well this looks like it is going to be a real adventure.  I am both excited and hesitant about being so close to such large and wild creatures.  I would love to get some pictures of them, but I would also use the full extent of my zoom lens to ensure I don't get too close.  I was already considering purchasing some bear spray when I arrive to provide a small amount of protection, but this story may have sealed the deal.  Here is is a Link to the full story if you would like to read further.


  1. Your trip will sounds like it will be a ton of fun. May i suggest a .454 Casull for the bears.

    1. Amazing! I had seen a documentary filmed in Alaska where the scenery was so much alike to this picture. And what makes it more amazing is the dominant male of this group of bears keeping its place higher than the other males where he can get the best and larger portions of salmon than the rest of the team! Wildlife has always been fascinating to me!