Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bow Practice At The Gun Range

I don't like living in the suburbs.   I would rather live in a rural area that allows me to have plenty room to shoot my bow, but that isn't the reality that I currently live in.  I have to drive to an archery range to shoot longer distances than I can find in my backyard.  Besides, my neighbors think I am crazy and a menace for shooting a weapon behind my own house.

I could have gone to my local archery shop and shot a 20 yard range, but it was a beautiful day and it is was the weekend before deer archery season, so I elected to go my local gun range that also has a very primitive archery range.  The range was over run with enthusiastic pistol and rifle shooters, but I was the only archer on the premisses.  I was elated because I can choose my own distances and pull arrows from the targets whenever the heck I want to.  I shot broadheads at the foam targets, field tips at the field targets and even used an elevated platform to practice tree stand shots.  I shot distances from 15 to 50 yards and had a blast.  Here is a short video of my shooting session.  You will notice the noise from the pistol and rifle ranges that were directly behind me (they were shooting in the opposite direction).  I shot until my arm felt like it was about to fall off and then I shot a little more.  I can't wait for October and deer season to get here!  My next post should be covering my first deer hunt of the year!  Good luck to everyone for your upcoming hunting seasons, be safe!

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