Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quick Opening Weekend Deer Gun Report: No Deer But Many Pigs

This year's Deer Gun Season opening weekend unfolded for the most part as it had most years.  Ron, my hunting buddy and I were in our favorite spots as the the first light of the day began to creep over the horizon.  This year I was carrying my rifle during gun season.  If you don't know me, you are likely saying to yourself, "duh of course you have your gun during gun season", but most years I continue to bow hunt during gun season.  This year the bigger deer had eluded my bow although I had taken a spike the week before.  This year the gun felt like the right choice and I looked forward to bringing something with a little more range!

As soon as it was light enough to see, I started spotting bucks on the move.  Only problem was that they were all spikes, fork horns, or six pointers.  I did have one nice pig sneak in on me, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to shoot because I was afraid the shot would spook that big buck that I just knew was about to appear.  My hesitation was all that he needed when he winded me and disappeared as quickly as he had arrived.

Around 8:00 AM, I heard the crack of Ron's rifle and I smiled thinking he had his deer down on opening morning, but then there was another BANG!  An then another and another followed by squealing!  Ron had a herd of pigs come buy and he just happened to be carrying his new AR-10 in 308 caliber.  He hit four of them before they could get out of range.  The pig population seems to have expanded a bit in this area and Ron was doing his best to curb it.  The first evening was similar to the morning.  Many small bucks and Ron took down two more pigs.

The next day we awoke to a howling North wind that blew all morning, but eased up by lunch time.  We elected to sit on our stands through the afternoon and both saw and took out a coyote each, but passed on smaller deer.  With rain in the forecast for Monday morning, we broke camp that night and headed back in the morning empty handed.  We will be back the last weekend of the season where we hope our luck will change!


  1. A few years back i shot a pig in OK. They were destroying wheat fields so after turkey hunting we went after the pigs. I shot one, but my brother went nuts on them with his M-14.

  2. Those pigs can really do damage and they are hard to pattern and locate. We have taken about 8 this fall, but I think there are to groups of about 20 roaming the area. I hope to go back out this winter to chase after them!

  3. Did you have any luck the last weekend?

  4. Yes I was really lucky this year. Check out the post called Accidental Buck.