Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deep Thoughts: The Last Batch of Deer Chili

So we had a return of winter weather this week and that inspired me to cook a little deer chili.  I knew I was running a little low on my ground deer meat, but I was sure that at the bottom of my freezer, under the deer steaks, quail, dove and fish, there was more.  I purchased a new grinder this winter and put in many hours of grinding so I was confident this wasn't the end.  When I started digging in the deep freeze and taking an inventory of my wild game, I realized that although I had many packages of deer steaks, I only had two ground meat packages left.  That's just enough for one more batch of chili! (cue the dramatic music, dun, dun, Da!)

Now I don't claim to be be a philosopher, but as I cooked my final batch of deer chili from the 2010 hunting season, it caused me to reflect and see similar parallels with my life.  Here I have been, going through my ground deer meat supply like it will never end.  I have been enjoying it, but not really appreciating it and treating each meal like it is the last.  That is how most of us live our lives, living each day like we have all the time in the world and that there will always be tomorrow.  Maybe it's because I am nearing 40 and am feeling my mortality creep up on me, but lately I have been thinking about the limited time I have left in my life to spend with my children before they grow up, with my wife while we are relatively young and good looking (well at least she is), and to do the things that I want to do before I am not able any more because I am to old and not able.

Now I know what your thinking, that this parallel falls apart because I can always get another deer or two next fall and your right (I didn't say it was a perfect analogy).  But, the lesson is still a good one and we should all practice what I coincidentally heard in a country song just the other day, "live like your dying".  Now I don't usually take advice from country songs, or else I would be writing about "mom, prison, and trains" (that's a reference to "you never even call me by my name" by David Allan Coe if you were wondering).  But it is a good perspective to keep in mind as I live my life and make choices about where to spend my time and who to spend it with.

In my last blog post I outlined the major big game animals of North America that I want to hunt before I am unable.   I have planned a trip this fall to pursue Elk, but I recently hurt my knee and I am unsure if I will recover in time to be able to hike the high country wilderness of Colorado.  I hope that this isn't one of those things that I thought I still had plenty of time to do and it turns out that my time has passed.

Well enough of the deep thoughts, back to the chili!  Since this is my last batch before replenishing my supply of ground deer meat, I needed to make this an extra special chili.  I used a store bought brand of chili mix that has the usual seasonings, but I added two cans of dice tomatoes, one can of kidney beans, and two bell peppers (a red one and a green one).  Add cheese and jalapenos and you have a feast!

Warm weather is approaching so it will be time to bring the grill into service and begin cooking the deer steaks!  I'll never run out of those!  Just kidding.


  1. Found this blog while browsing through the OBN blog directory. Just from the Fred Bear quote above I had a feeling this was going to be a good one. After reading a couple posts turns out I was right. The chili looks good! Great writing style with a lot I can relate to.

  2. Thanks Bill! I am glad you enjoyed the posts and your timing is great as I really needed the encouragement today. As I ready your comment I thought to myself, "I have a writing style? Wow!".

  3. Looks good, is it hot? I love spicy food.

    Found your nice blog today, will follow.


    Have a look if you have time, and follow too?